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No. 7 (18) March 2003


President of Uzbekistan I.A. Karimov signed Decree “About the most important trends of reforms deepening in agriculture” on 24 of March 2003.

One of the main objectives of Ministry of Agriculture and Water Management of Uzbekistan defined in Decree and which should be underlined, is:

“water resources management assuming transition from administrative-territorial to basin principle of irrigation systems management as well as introduction of market principles of integrated water resources management in irrigation water use at all levels”.

This means that government has supported dissemination of integrated water resources management principles.

Full text of Decree was published in republican newspapers for 25 of March 2003.


Working meeting of project executors

Working meeting under project, where plan of works for 2003 on every kind of activity was considered, and messages about implementation of works for past period were reported, was held on March 6, 2003.

In result of discussion working meeting made decision:

1. In connection with that that “IWRM-Ferghana” project is production one, all works should be executed strictly in terms outlined in plan, especially it concerns preparation for growing period:

- completion of cleaning up and repair works on structures of pilot canals, irrigation network, preparation and installation of water metering devices, training for experts on hydrometry.

2. On activity «WUA organization» in April conduction of training for experts on hydrometry and WUA organization? in Akbarabad is planned.

3. On activity «Development of database and modeling» it is necessary to conduct seminar in the end of March – beginning of April, where oblast informants should receive clear instructions on collecting and transferring information appropriate for models work.

4. On activity «Productivity increase at farm level» it is required to define mineral fertilizer amount and their cost needed for pilot plots of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. It is necessary to prepare documents on tender of equipment (scales, drying boxes, etc.) and purchase them immediately. It is also demanded to purchase and install additional weirs for pilot plots.

5. Prepared by jurist-advisor A.Sh. Jailoobayev proceeding agreements about organizational-technical project support and information exchange between ministries must be transferred for sighing by ministers.

Activity «Pilot canals»

In the first quarter of 2003 following work was fulfilled:

Detailed description of works, included in plan on certain positions, was drawn up; schedule of works on positions was developed, and budget design on pilot canals was carried out.

On specific plan positions following work was fulfilled:

On position “Arrangement of negotiations and approval of IWRM structure proposed by republican and oblast organizations, agreements between concerned parties”:

- developed by IWMI and SIC ICWC “Proposed ground for transition to integrated water resources management in Ferghana Valley” has been dispatched among departments and institutions, considered and approved in general by representatives of 3 states on seminar in Osh (January 27-29 2003);

- according to results of “Proposals” consideration, with account for comments and supplements, made by concerned parties, IWMI, and SIC ICWC, correction of certain provisions was carried out, and final version of “Proposals” was prepared and will be issued as some leaflet for wide dissemination as guideline for further actions;

- proceeding agreements between republican water departments of 3 countries about organizational, technical, and information support of “IWRM-Ferghana” project were prepared. They said that project implementation on selected pilot objects is carried out on base of above-mentioned recommendations on transition to IWRM. It is required to attract NGO, journalists, and also students for mobilization to complete these works in shorter terms.

On position “Preparation of Statutes for water committees of canal or system”:

- “Statute” project preparation, which after coordination with IWMI will be completed as joint statutory document for practical organization of water committees on 3 pilot canals, is being ended.

On position “Provision of favorable conditions for pilot project implementation by ministries”:

- draft proceeding agreement between republican water departments of 3 countries “About provision of favorable conditions for pilot project implementation by ministries” was prepared. After its consideration by concerned parties draft agreement will be completed and submitted for signing by leadership of water departments of 3 countries.

Activity «Mobilization and WUA formation on pilot canals» (WUA)

Draft founding documents were prepared on WUA formation in Kuva rayon of Ferghana oblast of Ruz and J. Rasulov rayon of Sogd oblast of Tajikistan.

During visit of activity leader on block “WUA” M.A. Pinkhasov, consultant-sociologist R.R. Nazarov, regional assistant A.A. Alimjanov to Ferghana oblast from 10 to 14 of March heads of Khokimiyat, farm-WUA founders, and raiselvodkhoz of Kuva rayon were acquainted with prepared draft founding documents.

During meetings participants discussed preparedness of materials for conduction of founding meeting, place of conduction, and meeting agenda.

Arrangement was reached that heads of water users, raiselvodkhoz, and khokimiyat will jointly recommend candidates of WUA director and other key positions in WUA Council, and WUA executive body.

Also arrangement was reached that on 28 of March 2003 seminar “Mobilization and WUA formation on pilot canals” will be organized, and founding meeting of planned WUA “Akbarabad” was held.

Equipment by water metering devices

Carried out field examinations of required hydrometric equipment for installation on water inlets of planned WUA allowed to define their quantity:

- WUA «Akbarabad»: weirs - 3 units., gauges - 86 pieces., hydrometric platforms - 30 units.

- WUA «B. Khamdamova»: metering orifice - 5 units., gauges - 42 pieces, hydrometric platforms - 9 units.

- WUA «Zhapalak»: weirs - 57 units., gauges -124 pieces, hydrometric platforms - 32 units

Order for equipment production is located at plant “Suvacbobuskunomash” Ltd., Tashkent.

Already on January 18 the first part of equipment has been supplied to Kuva rayon, Kuva raiselvodkhoz of Ferghana oblast.

The second part of hydrometric equipment has been received on 15 of March:

Tajikistan – WUA «B. Khamdamova» and «Gulyakandoz» canal;

Kyrgyzstan – WUA «Zhapalak» and «Aravanakbura» canal;

Uzbekistan – SFC Canal.


Founding meeting on organization of Water Users Associations (WUA) was held on March 28 in Kuva rayon of Ferghana oblast within framework of “IWRM-Ferghana” poject. WUA is organized according to system principle that is it is formed around secondary canals “Akbarabad-1”, “Akbarabad-2”. WP-1, having inflow from South-Ferghana Canal (SFC). These water canals irrigate part of area of forage farm, totally area of shirkat farm “Navoi”, part of area of farm “Al Fargoni” with adjacent private farm areas. Mentioned farms became one of founders of this WUA.

Other WUA co-founder was Kuva raiselvodkhoz that has transferred inter-farm irrigation canals “Akbarabad-2” and “WP-1” to WUA balance and taken responsibility for financing of operation and maintenance for 5 years.

On WUA founding meeting 40 delegates from all farms were presented.

Beside delegate-water users and representatives of Kuva raiselvodkhoz director of administration of Kuva rayon D. Abdullayev, representative of Minselvodkhoz RUz, division head O. Ibaraimov, executors of “IWRM-Ferghana” project from SIC ICWC and IWMI took part in the meeting.

There elections of members of WUA Council, audit and arbitrage commissions, WUA Council Chairman, and WUA Executive Director were conducted.

It was decided to call pilot WUA in Kuva rayon of Ferghana oblast – WUA “Akbarabad”. O. Yusupov was elected as WUA Council Chairman.

WUA “Akbarabad” institutional structure consists of general meeting of WUA members (WUA supreme body), WUA Council, audit and arbitrage honorary commission. WUA Council heads executive body under presidency WUA Director. Executive body staff consists of: chief irrigator, chief hydrometrist, economist-accountant-personnel expert (in one person), chief mechanic, guard, and cleaner, production-linear service with hydro-sites N 1, N 2, N 3. Each site has one hydrometrist, hydraulic engineer, and two monitors. Executive body staff can include repair-construction brigade, which number depends on volume and cost of planned works.

Total WUA irrigated area is 2820 ha, from them on hydro-site N 1 – 953 ha (canal “Akbarabad-1” and “Akbarabad-2”), on hydro-site N 2 – 832 ha (canal «WP-1») and on hydro-site N 3 – 1033 ha (canal «WP-2»).

Total cost-estimate of works on WUA “Akbarabad” for one year is 20.8 mln. sum, from which water users are charged to fulfill works related maintenance and cleaning up of treatment plants and collector-drainage network by themselves for total amount 8.5 mln. sum. Moreover Raivodkhoz compensates O&M costs of canals “Akbarabad-2” and “WP-1”, which are transferred to WUA in amount 3.4 mln. sum. Taking into account carried out clarifications WUA takes from water users for services 8.9 mln. sum that is annual costs per 1 ha of irrigated lands taken from WUA members are 3150 sum/ha.

Obtained indicator was discussed by general meeting and approved.

“IWRM-Ferghana” project executors made some reports: “Principles and features of WUA “Akbarabad” organization and functioning” (M.A. Pinkhasov, WUA activity director), “WUA creation problems and their solution” (M. Ul Hassan. Project Manager), “Wua creation experience in Uzbekistan” (O. Ibraimov, representative of Minselvodkhoz of RUz), “Methodic of social mobilization of water users for WUA “Akbarabad” creation” (R.R. Nazarov, consultant-sociologist), “Principles of water use plan preparation for WUA “Akbarabad” and water use organization for WUA members” (A. Alimjanov, regional group assistant), “Water account organization in WUA “Akbarabad”” (R.R. Masumov, consultant on hydrometry).