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No. 19 (235) November 2013


On November 12th, 2013 German-Kazakh University in cooperation with Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) in Kazakhstan held a presentation of the book “Application of Integrated water resources management concepts in Central Asia – existing practice and further development”. The current book was published as a result of a like seminar, which was held on November 9th, 2012, the participants of which were water management experts from Central Asian states, and other partners as GIZ, OSCE, UNECE, UNDP, Goethe Institution, Free University of Berlin.

Content of the book based on the format of the last years’ seminar:

  • Spread of existing practice of international partners on application of IWRM concepts in CA
  • Enhancement of understanding of IWRM ideas and their application in CA
  • Capacity building by learning of existing practice on IWRM in CA

The introduced content was considered within four chapters of the book on local, national, regional levels of IWRM concept application, and within the chapter on capacity building.

Seminar was open with welcoming speech of university rector Johann Gerlach. Own visions of IWRM concept were introduced by guests of seminars and authors of the book: Kloetzer J. (OSCE in Astana), Richter R. (German Embassy in RK), Kenshimov A. (IFAS), Galustyan A. (SIC ICWC), Asykulov T. (Branch office of NABU in KR), Ibatullin S. (Committee on observance of UNECE Convention on protection of transboundary waters), Abdullaev I. (The Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia).

Seminar guests were represented by university-partners in Kazakhstan: Kazakh National university named after Al-Farabi, Kazakh National agrarian university, Kazakh National technical university n/a K.I. Satpayev, Eurasian National university n/a L/N/ Gumilev, Atyrau State university n/a H.Dosmuhamedov, South Kazakhstan State university n/a M.O. Auezov, Taraz State University n/a M.H. Dulati, East Kazakhstan State technical university n/a D.Serikbaev, Kyzylorda State university n/a Korkyt Ata. All mentioned universities provide with education in field of water resources management with a different its aspects. The education and work of these universities built a scientific platform of Kazakhstan for elaboration and discussion of issues concerned IWRM.

Representative of Mass Media of Kazakhstan took part on the presentation of the book “Application of Integrated water resources management concepts in Central Asia – existing practice and further development”.

This book addressed to researches and specialist in the water resources sphere, students, who study water issues, and to public officers, who deal with water resources issues.

By the result of the seminar a “Statement on Cooperation” was signed by DKU and university-partners. Representatives of German-Kazakh University had expressed their gratitude to all members of seminar and voiced about opportunity to enlarge work on the book during following scientific partnership.