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No. 1 (258) April 2015


On 4 April 2015, the regular 66th meeting of the Interstate Commission for Water Coordination was held in Ashgabat and chaired by H.E. Mr. S.E. Taganov, Minister of Water Resources of Turkmenistan.

The agenda included the following issues:

1. The results of the non-growing season 2014-2015

2. Consideration and approval of water withdrawal quotas and operation regimes of the reservoir cascade for the next growing season 2015 in the Amudarya and Syrdarya basins

3. Consideration of proposals and comments received in the course of interdepartmental approval at national level of the draft Agreement between the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and the Republic of Uzbekistan on the Information and Analytical Support of Water Management, Use, and Protection in the Aral Sea Basin and the Arrangement of Interstate Exchange of Information

4. Hearing a progress report of BWO Amudarya

5. Agenda and venue of the next 67th ICWC meeting

Relevant decisions were made for all these issues.

Materials of the meeting will be published in ICWC bulletin in the second quarter of 2015.


The international conference “Important aspects of efficient and effective water management and environmental preservation” was held in the metropolitan business centre “Mizan”. The conference was coincided with the public holiday “A Drop of Water-A Grain of Gold”. The representative forum organized by the Ministry of Water Resources and the Ministry of Nature Protection of Turkmenistan was attended by more than 150 national and foreign scientists and experts from around the world, as well as officials from relevant international organizations, lead ministries and sectoral departments of the country and mass media.

Mr. A.Yazmuradov, First Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan read the opening speech of Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the President of Turkmenistan. The President in his speech outlined that the international conference was to play an important role in promoting to the world community advanced measures for efficient water use, environmental conservation and security as implemented in the country.

Mr. A.Vasilyev, UNECE Deputy Executive secretary, Ms. Jacinta Barrins, the UNDP Resident Representative and Mr. F.Klimchuk, Deputy Head of the UN Regional Centre for Preventive Diplomacy for Central Asia underlined in their speeches that today, more than ever, the awareness of the importance of environmental issues, as well as of effective water use is increased. Further sustainable development of modern society is impossible if these issues are not addressed appropriately.

SIC ICWC Director, Prof. V.A. Dukhovny analyzed in his key report title “Water Conservation and Water Efficiency as the Basis for Future Survival” the prospects of growing water scarcity and demonstrated ways for efficient water use in the region. The report also showed contributions of different countries to reduction of overall and unit water use.

The topicality of efficient water use issue in the context of world economy development necessitates searching for new forms of international cooperation in light of the best practices of UN Member-States. Having stressed the significance of the topic discussed, the guests expressed confidence that the forum was to encourage fruitful dialogue and development of mutually accepted mechanisms for integrated water use.

Today the ecological efforts become a significant factor of economical growth in the country, the basis for transfer to the fundamentally new model of environmental management on a national economy scale. The National Strategy on climate change aims, initially, at the development of high technology industries and creation of conditions for green economy.

The construction of Turkmen Altyn Asyr Lake in the Karakum Desert is of particular importance. The lake has a beneficial effect on environment that is demonstrated by such indicators as normalization of drainage systems in the country, phreatic decline, and improvement of land.

The participants of the forum were also presented large-scale investment projects that are being implemented in the water sector, including construction of new reservoirs, hydraulic and reclamation facilities. Currently, water treatment and desalination plants are constructed; existing water treatment plants and distribution systems are reconstructed in all viloyats (provinces) as part of the General Programme on Clean Drinking Water in Turkmenistan. At the meantime, new technologies and innovative scientific and technological developments contributing to water saving are gradually applied.

The reforms undertaken in the sector encourage efficient water use, foster research in the area of soil conservation, improve productivity of agro-industry, and develop careful attitude towards land and water resources. Water saving technologies, including drip irrigation and other advanced irrigation methods are increasingly applied.

As a party of a series of UN Conventions on environmental security, Turkmenistan takes practical environment-oriented steps and assumes that topical issues in this sector are to be considered on the basis of the generally recognized norms of international law, with account of the interests of all countries in the region.

The participants of the conference were introduced with a new publication – the book of the President of Turkmenistan “Water as a source of life and fertility”- which was presented in the Turkmen Agricultural University. The book contained quotes from speeches of the Turkmen leader at international forums and other conferences published in Turkmen, English, and Russian languages. The quotes reflected the achievements in gradual development of agriculture and improvement of clean water supply for population.

During the break-out sessions of the conference, which was coincided with the holiday “A Drop of Water-A Grain of Gold”, the participants addressed the issues relating to efficient use of water, adoption of innovative technologies and best practices in water management, implementation of large-scale projects in the water sector, including those on reconstruction of existing and construction of new water facilities and structures.

In conclusion to the forum, the participants noted that the meeting served as an effective platform for exchanging practical experience of the countries in implementation of agreements and for development of a common approach to enhancement of international cooperation in this important sphere.

The conference ended with the grateful address of the audience to Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the President of Turkmenistan, expressing sincere gratitude for facilitation in organization of the high-level forum that gave strong impetus to regional and global cooperation in the area of efficient water use and environmental conservation.

As part of the conference, the study tour to Turkmen Altyn Asyr Lake was organized as well.

Source: Turkmenistan: The Golden Age