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No. 9 (288) May 2016


The workshop “Field investigations in support of RS-based data application” was held in SIC ICWC premises on 17th of May 2016 with the purpose to review the results of the on-going relevant projects implemented by SIC.

The key areas for discussion during the workshop were:

  • GIS, RS and water management;
  • Spectral vegetation indices and ground-based data;
  • Multifactor regression analysis in the R programming language;
  • Water productivity and RS.

Director of SIC ICWC opened the workshop. In his speech Prof. V.Dukhovniy stated the goal of the workshop and briefly explained on the key concepts of RS data application in agriculture and water management, their advantages and shortcomings.

Then, the following presentations were made:

“Application of remote sensing (RS) technique in water management” by D.Sorokin. The reporter explained in details the legal basis for application of RS with reference to the GA Resolution 41/65 of 3 December 1986. He also discussed advantages, types of RS methods and areas of application.

“Field investigations in support of RS data application (CAWA Project)” by I.Ruziev. He briefly described the process of ground-based point identification by using GPS and its application for mapping of point objects. He also presented technical characteristics of GPS navigators and main segments.

“In-situ sampling and field observations for validation of RS-based data” by Sh.Kenjabaev. This presentation was based on the results of the year 2015 under the LaVaCAA Project, WP 2.1-2.2. The reporter stated the problem and the relevance of RS-based data application in agricultural production. He cited the examples on the effect of resolution of satellite images in monitoring of individual fields. Then, he discussed in details the research methodology, which included collection and processing of ground and satellite data, and the modeling of cotton yields by using the R programme.

“Water productivity and RS” by G.Solodkiy. First, the task was formulated as part of the development of the WUEMoCa tool for calculation of water productivity forecasts. Mr.Solodkiy also explained the key equation for calculation of the vegetation index and the steps to be taken for construction of correlations like Kc = f (NDVI).