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No. 14 (311) July 2017


On July 7, 2017 the 71st regular meeting of the Interstate Commission for Water Coordination (ICWC) in Central Asia was held in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

The meeting was held under the chairmanship of the ICWC member from Tajikistan Mr. S.N.Rakhimzoda. Member of ICWC from Kazakhstan Mr. Y.N.Nysanbayev, member of ICWC from Uzbekistan Mr. Sh.R.Khamraev, and the Head of Water Use Department at the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of Turkmenistan Mr. Ya.D.Pashiyev took part in this meeting. The heads of executives bodies (BWO Amudarya, BWO Syrdarya, SIC ICWC, ICWC Secretariat) and invitees participated in the meeting as well.

The agenda included the following items:

  1. Fulfillment of limits and operation of reservoir cascades during the growing season 2017 in the Syrdarya and Amudarya River Basins;
  2. Preparation of celebration events dedicated to 25th ICWC Anniversary;
  3. Agenda and venue of the next 72nd ICWC Meeting.

ICWC members took note of information by BWO Amudarya and BWO Syrdarya on the fulfillment of limits and operation of reservoir cascades during the growing season 2017.

Then, preparation of the events dedicated to 25th ICWC Anniversary was reviewed. The ICWC members took note of information reported and gave certain instructions regarding continuation of this work. The participants seconded an international conference “Transboundary cooperation in Central Asia: stability and wellbeing for the whole region” to be held in September 2017 in the Republic of Kazakhstan as preparation to the ICWC Anniversary and the 8th World Water Forum.

The next 72nd ICWC meeting is planned to be held in Tashkent in November 2017.

Before the meeting, ICWC members took part in the plenary session of regional consultations under the Valuing Water Initiative of the High Level Panel on Water.

The United Nations Secretary-General and President of the World Bank Group convened a High Level Panel on Water (HLPW), consisting of 11 sitting Heads of State and Government and one Special Adviser, to provide the leadership required to champion a comprehensive, inclusive and collaborative way of developing and managing water resources, and improving water and sanitation related services.

The core focus of the Panel is the commitment to ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all, Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6, as well as to contribute to the achievement of the other SDGs that rely on the development and management of water resources.

The regional consultations in Dushanbe were grouped into several sessions:

Session 1: High level panel on water: initiatives - International Decade for Action “Water for Sustainable Development”, 2018-2028 and Valuing Water

Session 2. Valuing Water Initiative: Preamble

Session 3. Valuing Water Initiative: Principles and actions