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No. 3 (363) May 2022


Members of the expedition consisting of Central Asian young professionals and scientists specialized in water, energy, environment and other fields, representatives of EC IFAS and other IFAS bodies (started on May 19) visited SIC ICWC on May 24.

Director of SIC ICWC Dr. Dinara Ziganshina presented the Interstate Commission for Water Coordination in Central Asia (ICWC) and one of its executive bodies the Scientific Information Center.

She underlined that ICWC is the only interstate agency authorized by the Heads of Central Asia States to make mandatory decisions on the current and future transboundary water allocation and use.

Dr. Ziganshina explained on the activity of SIC ICWC, which provides institutional and technical support to ICWC at the regional and international level, promotes transboundary water cooperation and contributes to sustainable water management in Central Asia through information, training, networking and research and advice.

Leading expert A. Sorokin told the expedition members on the water problems in the Aral Sea basin and how to solve them. He presented research efforts made by SIC ICWC, including the monitoring of the Aral Sea through ground- and RS-based observations.

The expedition is organized by the Executive Committee of IFAS with the support of the USAID WAVE regional program in order to promote regional cooperation by familiarizing young scientists and professionals from relevant agencies of Central Asian countries with the ecological, social and water-related situation, as well as the negative consequences of desiccation of the Aral Sea and climate change on glaciers and water resources in the region. The expedition will also provide an opportunity for participants to gain new knowledge and information about activities of water and hydroenergy organizations and operation of facilities.

The expedition will last two weeks, during which the participants will be able to visit reservoirs, canals, gauging stations, pumping stations and other key water facilities located within the territories of four riparian countries in the Syr Darya basin, from the runoff formation zone (Min-Kush weather station) in the Kyrgyz Republic to the Kokaral dam of the Small Aral Sea in the Republic of Kazakhstan.