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No. 14 (374) December 2022


On December 5, 1992, by a decision of the 4th meeting of ICWC, the Central Asian Irrigation Research Institute (SANIIRI) was assigned a scientific-information center of ICWC for water issues. Later, in 1996, a separate organization – the Scientific-Information Center of ICWC (SIC ICWC) - was formed out of the Institute.

Along with other executive bodies, SIC renders organizational, technical and analytical support to ICWC meetings and to fulfillment of decisions made at the meetings. In particular, SIC as an executive body of ICWC is responsible for drafting decisions on prospective water development and policy, water management and use enhancement, and environmental improvement in the Aral Sea basin.

SIC conducts research and development as part of international, regional and national projects to promote innovative approaches and best practices in water management in the region.

Moreover, SIC focuses on collection, processing, analysis and dissemination of information. The main three tools of this information activity are: 1) “CAWater-Info” web-portal; 2) Regional Water and Land Information System; and, 3) Publishing.

Since formation and until 2021, ICWC has been led by Professor Victor Dykhovniy, a world-famous scientist, who raised a large number of followers. Currently, under the direction of Doctor Dinara Ziganshina, SIC is still open for cooperation and continues pursuing the path laid by Professor Dukhovniy to the benefit of people in Central Asia.