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No. 17 (392) March 2023


Interactive dialogue 2: Water for sustainable development: valuing water, water-energy-food nexus and sustainable economic and urban development was held on 22 March 2023 as part of the UN Water Conference. The issues were addressed through the lens of the accelerators of the Sustainable Development Goal 6 Global Acceleration Framework.

Director of SIC ICWC, D. Ziganshina spoke at the session on water, energy and food nexus. In particular, she told on the results of extensive consultation process on nexus issues with key stakeholders from Central Asia organized in preparation to a new IKI project funded by Germany.

She underlined that CA countries are increasingly aware of the importance of cross-sectoral cooperation, but there is demand for concrete and practical tools to operationalize it in practice, including in planning at various levels. There is need for more compelling evidence, targeted capacity development, multidisciplinary research and workable financing mechanisms to promote Nexus investments and engage with the private sector.

Learning from the best practices across the globe it is essential to build on local knowledge and home-grown institutions and platforms such as ICWC and IFAS that celebrate 30 years anniversary this year on March 26.