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No. 32 (407) June 2023


On 13-14 June, as part of the project “Developing a National Adaptation Planning Process in Turkmenistan”, the first of planned six workshops was held for the members of the Coordination Mechanism and decision makers on integration of adaptation into water planning. The workshop was organized by SIC ICWC jointly with the Scientific-Information Center of the Interstate Commission for Sustainable Development (SIC ICSD) and with the financial support of UNDP.

The main objective of the workshop was to equip the participants with the knowledge on new conditions of water formation, use and protection in the context of climate change at the global, regional and national level, strengthen their understanding of the impact of climate change on water resources, and present the regional forecast platforms (tools).

Director of SIC ICWC, Dinara Ziganshina noted the importance of holding such a series of workshops on adaptation of Turkmen water planning to climate change. She stressed that the Central Asian countries have already accumulated some experience in adaptation of the water management system to new conditions as a result of political, economic, social and hydrological transformations in the last 30 years. This generated positive results that were mentioned during the Conference dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the International Fund for saving the Aral Sea in Dushanbe on 6-7 June.

Other reporters noted that it could not be denied anymore that climate changed on a global scale. In this context, it is urgently needed to assess the intensity of climate change in order to develop adaptation and mitigation strategies. Decreasing water availability and growing temperatures are impacting almost all economic sectors and deteriorating quality of life but the countries can transform climate threats into opportunities for sustainable growth in the future. That is why adaptation measures are so important.