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No. 38 (413) July 2023


The 3rd International Conference on Water and Climate “Basin management, key to adaptation and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals” was held on 6 and 7 July 2023 in Fez, Morocco.

The Conference was organized by the Ministry of Equipment and Water of the Kingdom of Morocco in partnership with the International Network of Basin Organizations (INBO) and the World Water Council (WWC).

The Conference brought together state representatives, UN agencies, international organizations, bilateral and multilateral donors, basin organizations (national and transboundary), regional and local authorities and other stakeholders interested in basin management.

This 3rd edition of the Conference was to ensure the link between the United Nations Conference on Water (22-24 March 2023) and the COP28 on climate (30 Nov. - 12 December).

The Conference agenda consisted of five sessions:

  • Session 1 Innovation and Technologies for Water Saving
  • Session 2 Groundwater Management: Challenges and Prospects
  • Session 3 Water Governance: For a Better Intersectoral Coherence
  • Session 4 Water Resources Mobilization : How to take into account the real cost of water?
  • Session 5 Commitments by and for basins for the implementation of the Water Action Agenda 2030.

Ms. Dinara Ziganshina, Director of SIC ICWC, made presentation on “Commitments of the Central Asian countries and regional organizations under the Water Action Agenda” at Session 5. She demonstrated positive dynamics in transboundary water cooperation in Central Asia under SDG 6.5. However, additional efforts should be made to enhance sharing of data and information, fill gaps in the data on transboundary aquifers, and ensure water financing.

While recognizing the 30-year cooperation under the umbrella of the International Fund for saving the Aral Sea, during the 2023 UN Water Conference the Central Asian countries made a joint statement, with the commitments to water cooperation and climate agenda, focusing on cross-cutting nature of water, IWRM, water conservation, innovations, joint programs and institutions.

Acting as a regional organization, SIC ICWC is committed to closer cooperation between the countries and partners in order to promote transboundary water cooperation based on evidence, enhanced data and knowledge, capacity building and increased policy-research interface.