SIC ICWC proceedings

Proceedings provide results of research carried out by SIC ICWC.

Published by now:


No. 1. Dukhovny V.A. - Project on re-distribution of a portion of the Siberian river runoff to the Aral Sea basin

No. 2. Mirzayev N.N. - Review of development of Basin Councils in the world and prospects for Central Asia

No. 3. Sorokin A.G. - RS-based assessment of the available water and water and land use efiiciency in Central Asia

No. 4. Mukhamedjanov Sh.Sh., Sagdullaev R.R., Mukhomedjanov A.Sh. - Science-based irrigation norm and element calculation methods


No. 5. Rysbekov Yu. Kh., Rysbekov A. Yu. - Strengthening water cooperation between regional and national institutions in Central Asia

No. 6. Institutional aspects of water governance in Central Asia

No. 7. Sokolov V.I. - Principles of integrated water management in the Aral Sea region with the concept of Land Degradation Neutrality