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Ongoing projects

SIC ICWC is engaged in coordination of international projects, and also takes part in reviewing them and carrying out scientific researches as co-executor.

  • “Central Asian Water (CAWa)”

  • “Assessing Land Value Changes and developing a Discussion-Support-Tool for Improved Land Use Planning in the Irrigated Lowlands of Central Asia (LaVaCCA)”

  • “Improving water use efficiency through innovative technologies in irrigation and farming in cereals, potatoes, vegetables, horticultural and fodder crops”

  • “Irrigation and drainage management for sustainable productivity in the Fergana Valley in Central Asia”

  • “Evaluate the effect of conjunctive use of canal and drainage water, different cropping patterns, and improved irrigation practices on control of salinity and water logging and delineate most efficient water management and agronomic practices”

  • “Transboundary water management adaptation in the Amudarya basin to climate change uncertainties”
    More www.cawater-info.net/projects/peer-amudarya/

  • "Capacity and needs assessment of institutions responsible for training provision in the water management sector"
    Technical Capacity Building component of the Programme on "Sustainable Management of Water Resources in rural areas of Uzbekistan" (UNDP)