Analytical tools

Analysis of water-related situation in river basins of Amudarya and Syrdarya

Analytical reviews make it possible to make an integrated assessment of the water situation in the Amudarya and Syrdarya river basins and their sites, in particular with regard to:

  • planned (predicted) and actual indicators on reservoir volumes, inflows, releases, water withdrawals;
  • differences between planned (predicted) and actual indicators with water availability for withdrawal.

Database and a set of developed models enables each of the participants (water management, planning and other authorities of Central Asian countries, as well BWOs) to predict their development options for the future and the release mode and water allocation in the current situation, for assessment of impact of their activity on other countries and some planning zones. At the same time an efficiency of water use by each participant of joint water management can be assessed at any time, and the unproductive water withdrawal can be determined.

Regular information on the state of natural water resources and their forecast and comparison of forecast and actual data on the water use and the main rivers balances will contribute to an improved water management and a more develope trust, community and sense of responsibility among the countries and economic sectors.

This section gives analytical information on the water situation in the basins for 10-day periods since 1991.


Analytical reports

WUEMoCA - Water Use Efficiency Monitor in Central Asia

WUEMoCA is a tool which visualizes information on irrigated areas within the contours (oblast, rayon) and yield results of the major crops (cotton, rice, wheat, vegetables, and fruits) based on accessible remote sensing (MODIS 250 m) and meteorological data