Completed Projects

SIC ICWC is engaged in coordination of international projects, and also takes part in reviewing them and carrying out scientific researches as co-executor

The completed projects:

  • “Principal Provisions of the Water Management Strategy in the Aral Sea Basin”, funded by the Global Environmental Facility (GEF), 1995-1997

  • “Management of Upper Catchments”, project 6.1 of Aral Sea Basin Program (GEF, the World Bank), 1996

  • “Water Pricing under Transition to Paid Water Use in Central Asian Republics” (demonstrative project No. 11), funded by USAID, 1996

  • “Agricultural Development in Uzbekistan”, Asian Development Bank, 1996-1997

  • Preparation of ToR for GEF Project “Water Resources and Environmental Management in the Aral Sea Basin”.

  • Preparation of FAO technical paper No. 15 “Irrigation in the Former Soviet Union Countries in Figures”, 1997

  • “Evaluation of Previous Pilot Projects on Irrigation and Drainage in Central Asia”, the World Bank, 1997-1999

  • “Automated System of Management and Control of “Dustlik” Interstate Canal Headwork”, funded by CIDA, 1997-1999

  • “CROPWAT Model Adaptation for Assessment of Agricultural Crops Water Consumption in Central Asia”, FAO, 1997-1998

  • “Development of Recommendations on Cost and Incomes Distribution under Joint Interstate and Inter-Sectoral Use of Water-Power System on Transboundary Rivers”, USAID, 1998

  • “Modeling of the Optimal Regime of the Naryn-Syrdarya Cascade Operation”, (EPIC Program), USAID, 1999-2000

  • “Water Resources and Environmental Management in the Aral Sea Basin”. Component A-2 “Participation in Water Conservation”, (GEF, the World Bank), 1999-2000

  • “Water Resources and Environmental Management in the Aral Sea Basin”, Component Е “Wetlands Restoration, Sudochie lake”, (GEF, the World Bank), 1999-2000

  • Diagnostic report on UN/SPECA project “Rational and effective water resources use in Central Asia”, 2001

  • “Water Resources Management and Agricultural Production”, (program EU TACIS WARMAP-1), 1995-1997

  • “Water Resources Management and Agricultural Production” program EU TACIS WARMAP-2), 1998-2000

  • “Remote Monitoring of Agricultural Production in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan”, (program EU TACIS – ISEAM), 1999-2001

  • “Assessment of Social-Economic Damage under the Influence of the Aral Sea Level Lowering”, RFBR, INTAS, 1999-2001

  • “Aral Sea Basin Development Program”, UNDP project, “Creation of Model Instrument on the Basis of Interaction of Water Resources, Socio-Economic Development and Nature in Central Asian States for Training and Use of Decision Makers”

  • “Uchkurgan Headworks Automation and Dispatching System on Naryn River”, funded by SDC, 2002-2003

  • “Dialogue about Water and Climate: Aral Sea Basin Case Study”, UNDP, 2002
    More about project on http://dialogue.icwc-aral.uz

  • “Integrated Water Resources Management for Wetlands Restoration in the Aral Sea Basin”, NATO Science Programme “Science for Peace”. “Ecotec Resource” (Netherlands), VEP SANIIRI, “ECO Priaralie”, “Aralconsult” contribute their share to the work in consultation with Prof. P. Chevallier (France) and with the coordination of SIC ICWC.

  • “Crop Irrigation Management For Combating Irrigation Induced Desertification In The Aral Sea Basin (CIRMAN-ARAL)”, EU INCO-Copernicus program. Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Portugal, organizations of Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan participate in the work.

  • “The rehabilitation of the ecosystem and bioproductivity of the Aral Sea under conditions of water scarcity”, INTAS project; specialists of Russia and Uzbekistan participate in the work with the coordination of Austrian specialists.

  • “Economic assessment of joint and local measures on the reduction of socio-economic damage in the coastal zone of Aral Sea”, INTAS project; specialists of Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan participate in the work with the coordination of Austrian specialists.

  • “Information-Consulting Center (ICC) on European Commission Sixth Framework Programme (FP6)”

  • “Strategic planning and management of water resources development in Central Asia”

  • “Addressing Water Scarcity and Drought in Central Asia Due to Climate Change”

  • “Transition to integrated water resources management in lower reaches of the Amudarya and Syrdarya rivers”

  • “RIVERTWIN — A Regional Model for Integrated Water Management in Twinned River Basins”
    More about project on www.cawater-info.net/rivertwin/

  • “TWINBASINXN — Promoting Twinning of River Basins for Developing Integrated Water Resources Management Practices”
    More about project on www.cawater-info.net/twinbasinxn/

  • Regional Research Network “Water in Central Asia” (CAWa)
    More: www.cawa-project.net

  • “Central Asia Regional Water Information Base (CAREWIB)”. Specialists of SIC ICWC, GRID-Arendal and UNECE and water organizations of Central Asian states are involved in the activities.
    More: www.cawater-info.net

  • “Integrated Water Resources Management in Fergana Valley” (IWRM-Fergana), funded by SDC. International Water Management Institute (IWMI), organizations of Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan take part in the work.
    More www.iwrm.icwc-aral.uz

  • “Cooperative Program for Capacity Building for IWRM Planning and Management for Central Asia”

  • “Water Productivity Improvement at Plot Level”
    More: www.cawater-info.net/wpi-pl/

  • “Ferghana Valley Canal Automation Project”
    More: www.cawater-info.net/canal-automation/

  • “Rural Enterprise Support Project (Phase II) - Swiss Government Parallel Grant Financing for Sub-components 2b and 2c”
    More: www.cawater-info.net/sdc_resp2/

  • “Transboundary Water Management in Central Asia Programme (GIZ TWMCA)”

  • “Capacity Building for Integrated Water Resources Planning and Management for Central Asia”

  • “Green Growth Framework for Water Security in the Aral Sea Basin”

  • “Assessing Land Value Changes and developing a Discussion-Support-Tool for Improved Land Use Planning in the Irrigated Lowlands of Central Asia (LaVaCCA)”

  • “Improving water use efficiency through innovative technologies in irrigation and farming in cereals, potatoes, vegetables, horticultural and fodder crops”

  • “Irrigation and drainage management for sustainable productivity in the Fergana Valley in Central Asia”

  • “Evaluate the effect of conjunctive use of canal and drainage water, different cropping patterns, and improved irrigation practices on control of salinity and water logging and delineate most efficient water management and agronomic practices”

  • “Transboundary water management adaptation in the Amudarya basin to climate change uncertainties”
    More www.cawater-info.net/projects/peer-amudarya/

  • "Capacity and needs assessment of institutions responsible for training provision in the water management sector"
    Technical Capacity Building component of the Programme on "Sustainable Management of Water Resources in rural areas of Uzbekistan" (UNDP)