ICWC Training Centre publications

The following materials were prepared and published for the ICWC Training Center:


Collections of articles for the training courses:

    “Integrated water resources management” (2 volumes);

    “International and national water law and policy”

    “Advanced irrigated agriculture in Central Asia”

Additional materials were published for training of higher and middle level specialists from the national water sectors of the Central Asian states (5 issues).


Vol. 1 “Environmental Flows”

Vol. 2 “World Water Council”


Vol. 3 “Perfection of Water Management in the USA”

Vol. 4 “The International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage”

Vol. 5 “The Ecological Management: the World Experience”

Vol. 6 “Something about water in Canada”

Vol. 7 “Sustainable Management of Groundwater: Conceptions and Tools”

Vol. 8 “Strategical Planning and Sustainability Management of Water Resources Development in the Central Asia”


Vol. 9 “Water Resources of Japan”

Vol. 10 “Mainstreaming Gender in Water Management. A Practical Journey to Sustainability: A Resource Guide (UNDP)”

Vol. 11 “Climate change: concerns everyone”

Vol. 12 “Climate change: what science speaks”


Vol. 13 “Climate change: questions and answers”

Collection of selected minutes of the Training Center's workshops

Finding capital for sustainable livelihoods business (a finance guide for business managers)

Training Module on International and National Water Law

Developing Human and Institutional Capacity in Transboundary Water Management through Water Resources Training Network (Case Study in the Aral Sea basin, Central Asia)


Training course “Capacity Building for Integrated Water Resources Planning and Management for Central Asia”

    Block 1. Integrated water resources management

    Block 2. Advanced irrigated agriculture

    Block 3. International water law and policy

    Block 4. Regional cooperation on trans-boundary rivers


E-learning course “Legal and Policy Issues related to Water Resources Management in Central Asia and Ways for its Improvement”

    Module 1: Introduction to the course

    • Lesson 1. Overview of the course

    • Lesson 2. Water resources of the world and regions

    • Lesson 3. Water resources in Central Asia and their use

    Module 2: Legal regulation of water relation and water resources management: Experience of Central Asian countries

    • Lesson 4. Water resources management

    • Lesson 5. National water law in Central Asian countries

    Module 3: International water law and policy: global instruments and regional instruments, Central Asia

    • Lesson 6. International law and international water law

    • Lesson 7: Global and regional instruments

    • Lesson 8. Regional instruments in Central Asia

    Module 4: Legal regulation of water relation and water resources management: Experience of other countries

    • Lesson 9. Experience on legal regulation and water resources management in Australia, Israel, India, Iran, China and Turkey

    • Lesson 10. Experience on legal regulation and water resources management in the Philippines, Japan and selected countries of the European Union