Information Activity

Publishing activities

One of the main tasks of SIC is information and publishing activities. SIC ICWC became a member of the IPTRIP network organized by the World Bank, UNDP, and FAO in 1993. In 2008, SIC became one of 24 Knowledge Hubs in the Asia-Pacific region under coordination of ADB.

SIC ICWC collects information from various sources, processes it, and disseminates in Central Asian countries through its serial publications:

  • ICWC bulletins
  • Information collection of articles
  • Legal collection of articles
  • Abstract journal
  • Collection of SIC scientific papers
  • ICWC press-releases
  • Publications of ICWC Training Center

All publications are disseminated among ICWC members, ministries, agencies, and partners of SIC on a regular basis.

Information exchange and database development

The special focus of SIC ICWC activity is on development and maintenance of a water and environmental knowledge portal - CAWater-Info. The major directions in developing this knowledge portal are as follows:

  • Tools / Decision support:
    - Knowledge base: E-library; subject knowledge bases; glossary; bibliographic database; reviews;
    - Database: regional IS CAREWIB; databases on Amudarya, Syrdarya, and Zeravshan rivers; Aral Sea database; analysis of water situation in the Amudarya and Syrdarya basins; water atlas; «Who is who in water management?»; indicators of sustainable development in CA;
  • Strengthening regional cooperation: ICWC and its executive bodies; national water organizations (section in 5 national languages); cooperation with Afghanistan;
  • IWRM: such projects as IWRM-Fergana, «UCC Water», «Water Productivity Improvement at Plot Level», «Rural Enterprise Support Project (RESP-2)»;
  • Climate change: Project «Dialogue on Water and Climate: Aral Sea Basin Case Study»;
  • Institutional development: «Improvement of Shared Water Resources Management in Central Asia» Project (ADB RETA 6163); Gender and Water Network in Central Asia;
  • Extending international scientific cooperation: the European Commission 7th Framework Program;
  • «Water World» Community: World Water Council; International Network of Basin Organizations; Asia-Pacific Water Forum; International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage; International Office for Water; Inter-Islamic Network on Water Resources Development and Management; «Clean Water Space»; Network of Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia Water Management Organizations.

Besides, the portal offers such standard services as news digest, calendar of events, etc. Communication is maintained with other sources of information on water, energy, and natural resources in Central Asia, with regional non-governmental organizations (NGOs), as well as with policy processes (SPECA, ENVSEC, etc.) and web-portals (CARNet, …).