Model of lateral inflow to the sites of main rivers of the Aral Sea basin

The prediction model of lateral inflow, which contains releases to rivers, return flow from irrigated lands, municipal and industrial wastewaters, is based on the on-line prediction of river runoff formation and transformation, river channel balance, assessment of available water resources as well corrected water withdrawal limits and algorithms of "Prediction of return flow" module.

The model contains 2 modules:

  • Assessment and prediction of return flow into the main rivers of the Syrdarya river basin, using the technique of BWO "Syrdarya".
  • Assessment and prediction of the collector - drainage flow into the balance sites of the Amudarya river.

Techniques of return flow calculation are different for the Syrdarya and Amudarya rivers.

Lateral inflow in the Syrdarya river basin contains: releases to small rivers, a collector-drainage flow as well an underflow in the middle course and an outflow in the lower reach.

There is no release to the Amudarya river through small rivers in the Amudarya river basin and a return flow is "regulated" by the collectors.

If dependence "return flow - (water withdrawal + water content)" is observed in some river sites in the Syrdarya river basin then such dependence is absent in the Amudarya river basin; the collector-drainage flow depends on water content of adjoining and some irrigated areas.

Small underflow is observed on the "Ilchik-Tuyamuyun waterworks facility" site of the Amudarya river.